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    Trysting Tree Books is committed to open access scholarship and rigorous peer review.

    Our titles are limited to works by Oregon State University researchers or about OSU history and culture. We work one-on-one with authors and editors to ensure high quality content and timely delivery.

    If you’re interested in publishing with Trysting Tree and have any questions about us, please use the Contact page to get in touch.

    If you’d like to submit a proposal, please include the following information:

    1. Title of manuscript.
    2. Your name, title, and affiliation.
    3. Brief description of the content and purpose of your book, including your qualifications as author or editor.
    4. Your intended audience.
    5. Manuscript specifics, such as your manuscript’s length (including total word count), and an estimated delivery date.
    6. Describe any illustrative and/or graphic materials, and any other material to complement the text, e.g., podcasts, videos, and any digital materials.
    7. Please suggest 2–3 possible reviewers for your manuscript, including contact information, affiliation, etc.
    8. List any possible sources of outside funding to publish your book.